About Melissa Oliver

Welcome, thank you for joining me.

I am a lover of people, dedicated to truth that sees the light of the Soul in others.

My greatest desire is for people to live their best life while embracing all their gifts and talents allowing more joy in the human experience. I use Pranic Healing as the key to unlock the real you.

In my personal experience and in the work that I do as a Pranic Healer and Minister, I find that a lot of people are clouded and lacking clarity. This way of being creates anxiety, depression, chaos, addiction, anger, misunderstandings, financial and relationship problems and the list goes on. I assist in removing the clouds through healing and sharing truth. I reflect to them the Divine Light, Love and Power that is the essence of our being.

We are Spiritual beings on a human journey, that comes with many challenges. Sadly, the majority of our population is disconnected from God, Source, Higher Power, Allah or whatever name works for you. I was deeply disconnected, without guidance and missing the tools to deal with life’s challenges.

I now have an overflowing tool box thanks to my extensive studies, dedication to healing and wonderful teachers. I use my gifts and talents in the form of intuition and empathy to streamline the process for people that want more out of life. It is my great honor to love the hell out of people.

I will be taking this work and my life to the next level during the next 6 months. I am excited to share and reflect what is possible.