Master Key Experience- Week 23 Emotions

As we are wrapping up the final weeks of the Master Key Experience, I find myself grateful to be focused on mastering emotions. It is only the beginning and so much of my story has not been written.

The 5 day retreat was an emotional journey of connecting with my body, mind and higher self in ways that I didn’t know where possible. It was emotional to witness all the identities I had created fall away so that I was with me, myself and I. It was inspiring to recognize and relate the events of my life to my purpose and to see how they assimilate and apply to my gift of service. It is through my journey that my purpose had time to bloom. I marveled and found new excitement in simply being alive. It is my hearts desire that every person take this silent time for themselves.

I returned home, ready to move forward with this new knowledge only to be faced with a challenging event that would end in heart break as I said goodbye to our beloved dog. The emotions continue to flow as I adjust to not having our constant companion. The deep appreciation that I have for the space Marlow held in my life is even more clear now that he is gone.

I am embracing the plan of battle daily:

  • If I feel depressed I sing.
  • If I feel sad I laugh.
  • If I feel ill I double my labor.
  • If I feel fear I plunge ahead.
  • If I feel inferior I wear new garments.
  • If I feel uncertain I raise my voice.
  • If I feel poverty I think of wealth to come.
  • If I feel incompetent I remember past success.
  • If I feel insignificant I remember my goals.

Today, I will master my emotions.  – OG Mandino The Greatest Salesman in the World

It is without a doubt that life will continue to change, it is our only guarantee. I am going to embrace every moment and love the hell out of it every chance I get.

Onward, there is greatness in us all.





Master Key Experience – Week 22 A Silent Retreat


It was suggested and encouraged today that we take a day or two or more for a personal silent retreat. I wasted no time and leave tomorrow for 5 days. Me, myself and I will be staying in the mountains next to raging rivers, given the recent rain fall, for days alone in silence. There will be no signal, so no temptation. My intention is to leave my comfort to be in stillness so that I can hear the whispers of my heart without any outside opinions or interference.

Throughout this process, I have realized that I don’t know what I love to do. I have lived a life of doing. In the past couple of years I “thought” I was being but in reality when I get really honest with myself, I continued to “do” just in other ways. I have continuously been working towards worthiness through acquiring and over-achieving at collecting a ton of knowledge from many sources. Knowledge is important but it must be applied and shared.

The person I intend to become would embrace this opportunity and gain her clarity.  She knows her bliss, passion and purpose. She knows herself. The future me is never going to work a day in her life because she is so in love and filled with truth, purpose and inspiration. Life is self-directed, joyful and abundant with unlimited potential using her unique gifts and giving them away.

Peace be the journey.

Prayers appreciated!

Master Key Experience – Week 20 I’m back

Where did I go? Outer Space.


No, not really but it would be more interesting. While I clearly wasn’t abducted, I did have to do some traveling on the vertical to reach the Divine. It has become clear that energy outside of myself will no longer work.  I use to be able to get a rush from caffeine or completing a to-do list. I must now take time to go within and cultivate energy from the inside to bring to any co-creative process.

This experience is not for the weak of heart and can be trying at times. While I continue to participate, the levels have fluctuated since the beginning of the year. I have a number of practices and processes that I do during the holidays and at the beginning of a new year. I wasn’t prepared for the overlap of activities but I have kept my head above water for the most part.

I have really had to prioritize my time and energy to honor that changes that I am making. I can see where all the things that I am doing, along with all the opportunities that have been presented are linked to the work I am doing with MKE.

Life is unfolding, expanding and rich with possibilities.

Onward with grace.

Master Key Experience – Week 16 Nature’s Greatest Miracle

We are surrounded by nature’s greatest miracles and yet we fail to realize the miracle of our very being.  We are nature’s greatest miracle as clearly stated in this months reading from Og Mandino. He reminds us and has us state multiple times “I am nature’s greatest miracle”. “I am nature’s greatest miracle”. “I am nature’s greatest miracle”.  It can be challenging to say but inside the truth of this statement can be felt in my core.


There are so many of us that have been raised to down play our God given personalities.  I have a beautiful friend of many years that calls me a shot of tequila versus a cup of tea. I fully embrace this as a complement and own it.  As a productive, assertive, responsible, powerful, visionary that is action-oriented and focused when in full alignment with her being, I can spark some real warmth and liveliness in your life. There are some that aren’t ready for my kind of fire, I get that and it’s okay. I spent far too many years denying the beauty of who I am and the value I bring to life, to those I work with and love. I am the miracle that God created me to be.

This week has been challenging, I received an invitation to fully show up as the unique miracle that I am. I clearly proclaimed my uniqueness and accented my differences. I am blessed with experience, education, gifts and talents that are rare and valuable. I showed up fully in alignment ready to dig in and do the work.  They were looking for a cup of tea. I am honoring my commitment as a margarita while they find the cup of tea. This is a step towards my goal and therefore a success. It has offered a rich opportunity to learn more about myself and my profession.

I am nature’s greatest miracle. I persist and succeed, I win.

Blessings be to all.

Master Key Experience – Week 15 “I am an Inspiring Partner”



Inspiring People to Live Love during the election results

It’s amazing when you commit to a program like the Master Key Experience and go deeper into yourself to get to the heart of you.  I have found that I was there the hold time and much like a meditation that clears away the clouds this program calls forth the best of who you truly are to come forward.

We did an exercise a few weeks ago that I find to be using most days to evaluate myself. This process had us find the “one thing”, this is the thing that we are and always have been. When you find it, it sticks with such clarity. “I am an Inspiring Partner”, it is the core of who I am and who I have always been.

I broke out in laughter at the end of the exercise when I hit my sweet spot in coming to the conclusion that mine was clear “I am an Inspiring Partner”. I immediately had flashes throughout my life of being that person that inspired others and the laughter came because I didn’t always inspire others to the highest of callings. I do think that my friends throughout my lifetime would say that I was a fun, supportive and a straight forward person. I could list a number of things that I inspired people to do that ranged from trespassing, streaking through golf courses, throwing parties, to extreme dares and things I probably shouldn’t put in writing. The important thing is that my purpose is and always has been to be an Inspiring Partner. Thank God for realizations and maturity.

I spent many years in corporate working in Sales & Marketing. I always presented myself as a partner and never a sales person. I have high standards and integrity that has blessed me greatly in my profession. I had the honor and privilege of working with some amazing people and companies. I can see now that my mindset of partnership served our success. I have always been able to inspire willing people or businesses to help them move to the next level. I look back and realize that I was a major player in the success of many people. I love that I have always done quality work and left circumstances better than how I found them. The Inspiring Partner.

In the present, it is my great joy to be the Inspiring Partner to those ready and willing to take full responsibility to heal and illuminate their lives and businesses. As the Inspiring Partner, I have the ability to support people and businesses in optimizing their life and full potential through cultivating energy and alignment. I am able to see the source of stagnant energy, to move it and to illumine the path to get you from where you are to where you want to be. This is who I am at the core of my being, the person God created me to be. It is now a clear litmus test of my days – how did I show up as an Inspiring Partner today and how will I tomorrow?  And because it is my natural way of being, it flows from me in abundance.

The joy of clarity is rich! It is what you find in a Mastermind like MKE – forever grateful.

I pray you find your one thing.

Blessings be to all.